Making the Most out of Your Night in a Gentlemen’s Club

If you are looking for the best way to enjoy the night with your mates, head on down to a gentlemen’s club Brisbane offers. Compared to other local strip clubs, a gentlemen’s club is a much more upscale place where you enjoy excellent drinks and dance with classy women in their sexy 6-inch heels.

What you do in a gentlemen’s club Brisbane has in town will have a direct impact on how your night will turn out, however. Here are some tips on how you can be a classy gentleman in a club.

1 – Suit Up Like a Gentleman
If you want to experience a memorable night, why not dress to impress? To get in a gentlemen’s club, it is discouraged to wear casual shirt and jeans. Look extra classy with your suits, wool sweaters, cotton shirts, trousers, silk neckties, and Oxford leather shoes.

If there is a specific dress code, follow it to the letter. Doing so will ensure you get one foot in the door and help draw the ladies to you.

2 – Always Act on Your Best Behaviour
A gentleman is always polite and courteous. If you happen to stumble upon a lady who wants to offer a dance but you are not interested, just smile and simply tell them “No, thank you” or “Later will do”. The women will understand and leave you alone without a fuss.

Avoid making crude comments or treating the strippers with disrespect as this is a sure-fire way to get kicked out of a club. Even if she doesn’t return the interest you’re showing her, be a man and simply walk away.  

3 – Know Your Boundaries
As a gentleman, one has to act professional with the dancers. In any gentlemen’s club Brisbane offers, men are highly discouraged from groping the women. You can touch with permission, however, since touching in clubs are completely acceptable in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland. Just remember not to be aggressive or you might be charged with sexual assault.

4 – Pay/Tip Well
If she gives you a good time, it is a well-mannered act to pay for her services in exact measure or more. It can make her feel appreciated and it might have her come back for another dance. When inserting the money in her lingerie fold your money lengthwise so it will not fall off her laces. Make sure she pulls the string open for you to place the money in instead of forcefully tucking it in.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you visit a gentlemen’s club and be the consummate patron.